What you will learn with this Book

  • When should I take my child to his first dental visit?


  • When should my child begin using flouride toothpaste?


  • Why does my child grind his teeth?


  • What about going to the dentist when I'm pregnant?


  • What can I do to prepare my child to see the dentist?


  • What about my special needs child?


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Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Five ways to make your children's first visit to the dentist
  • Chapter 2: When You're Expecting
  • Chapter 3: Your Infant and Toddler, 0 to 24 Months
  • Chapter 4: Your Child from Ages Two to Six
  • Chapter 5: Sedation
  • Chapter 6: Your 6 to 12 Year-Old
  • Chapter 7: Your 13 to 18 Year-Old
  • Chapter 8: Injuries and Emergencies
  • Chapter 9: Special Needs
  • Chapter 10: Unusual Conditions
  • Chapter 11: Choosing the Right Dentist

About the Author

Dr. Randy Hamilton DMD is the founder of iKids Pediatric Dentistry and Nedac Inc., a dental management company. He received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Brigham Young University and his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Hamilton specialized in pediatric dentistry at Temple University Hospital. He and his wife Natalie reside in Mansfield, Texas with their four children.

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